I'm having video/audio issues with a PowerPoint!

We always thoroughly test our resources before making them available on the Twinkl website, however not all computers are the same. This is especially true in school settings, where your computers may be set up differently than at home.

If you are having difficulties using our PowerPoints on a school computer, talking with your school ICT technician is the best first action to take, especially if a resource works for you at home but not at school.

If you are a home user, or your school IT Technician is also having problems then please try the following:

  • If you can see video but no audio is playing, check that your sound is working for things you would normally expect to work. Most sound problems are related to a general problem with playing audio. Try playing a video/audio from your preferred news website to ensure that audio is working in general.
  • Once the resource download is complete, make sure you fully unzip all the files and save them to a central location, such as your Desktop or My Documents. Running the PowerPoint from inside the downloaded zip file isn't supported and may not work as expected. If also available separately, the sound/video files must be saved in the same location as the PowerPoint.
  • When you open the unzipped PowerPoint, if prompted, you'll need to "enable content" and "enable editing" (in the yellow pop up bar) otherwise dynamic content such as audio and video will not work.
  • If the videos aren't working in preview mode, then please try them out in Slide Show mode (The keyboard shortcut for this is to press Alt+S then B - the presentation will go into full screen mode)

Still not working? Please get in touch with our lovely TwinklCares team, so we can help you!

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