I cannot open a file / The file looks strange when I've opened it!

If you're having any trouble opening or viewing one of our downloads, we first recommend that you try the following:

Re-download the file

Before downloading the file again you should clear your cache and refresh the page. If you're not sure how to do this, please first check which browser you're using and then follow the appropriate instructions for your browser here. Once you have done this, to download the file again right click on the download button and select 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' to choose where on your computer you would like to save the resource. Once downloaded locate the file and try opening it again. Sometimes, if a file name is quite long or a file quite large, it can be helpful to first download the resource to your desktop.

Still not working?

If you are still having trouble after re-downloading the file, please ensure you have the appropriate program installed to view the file. If you are not sure which file type the download is, you can find out by right-clicking on the file and selecting 'Properties'. Under the 'General' tab a 'Type of file' will be specified.

PDF Documents

Most of our files are PDF documents. Please check our recommendations for all users to ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.

Word Documents

All our editable resources require Microsoft Word, or a similar word processor. If you do not have Microsoft Word, then you can download OpenOffice for free.

Publisher Documents

Some of our resources, such as editable banners, require Microsoft Publisher.

Flipchart Files

These files are designed for use with interactive whiteboards and require a program called ActivInspire to open them. You can download ActivInspire for free from the Promethean website by registering here.

Picture Hotspot Files

These files are PDF files but have been designed to be interactive. We recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to get the most out of these resources.

If you have tried the above and are still having trouble opening or viewing a file, please let us know right away so we can help you further.

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